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    Sciences économiques, gestion, mathématiques et informatique

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    Enseignement huitième semestre


The sequences of the online course are gathered in four main themes: energy consumption, trends and the 2° C objectives. The development of renewables and the use of electric grids. Geothermy, natural gaz. Carbon sequestration and energy storage. All courses are provided online over a restricted time period, and evaluation includes a continuous check that notions are well understood as well as a final exam.

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The main objectives of the online distance course is to present the main challenges relative to energy transition. THis includes the evolution and future chantes of energy demand, the new technologies in the energy sector and their integration in the energy mix and their environmental impact. At the end of the online course, the students will understand the environmental and economic implications associated to the energy choices.

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Pré-requis obligatoires

ome basic knowledge (Licence 3) of economics.

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Jancovici J.M., 2013, Transition énergétique pour tous, Ed. Odile Jacob (in French).

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