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The Administrative Law course focuses on the core elements of the subject, namely judicial review and its application in English law. The course starts with an introductory over-view of the U.K. constitution and where administrative law fits in. There is an explanation of the legal embodiment of the state (the Crown) and the nature of the supervisory jurisdiction of the High Court and the role of common law in creating that jurisdiction. Students learn about the discretionary nature of the jurisdiction and the various conditions placed on making an application for judicial review. Key amongst those initial conditions are the rules relating to standing. The course explores the four main grounds of judicial review and their sub-grounds as manifested in the case law. The course also examines the Human Rights Act 1998 and the way in which the European Convention on Human Rights was implemented in U.K. law. Students are asked to read a number of key cases and to consider critically the workings of judicial review. Students are also invited to consider the strengths and weaknesses of the judicial review system and the ways in which it could be reformed.

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